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Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Now Avengers Infinity: War. Do We Need a “Book Readers” Only Thread and “Book Readers” Spoiler Warnings?

Book spoilers that spoil television series and movies. They can be quite the conundrum. How much do you say? Anything at all? Maybe the live action adaptation will go in a different direction, so is it okay to throw out a theory based on knowledge from the books as one possible direction for the televison show or movie? What about comic books? What about Avengers: Infinity War? These are the questions we ask ourselves. Very slight spoilers for the movie and season 8 of The Walking Dead follow, so be warned here.


All of the Marvel movies up until Avengers: Infinity War have drawn from the deep wealth of stories, creating various amalgams of stories and character origins, character arcs, and plots. But things are different now.

The story and plot for Avengers: Inifintity War follows a pretty specific story from the comic books. As comic book readers familiar with the various “Infinity Gems” stories know, the movie followed the most famous and well known “Infinity Gem” Thanos story. Sure, there were differences here and there, but for the most part, this movie has been the most directly faithful adaptation of a specific comic book story’s plot.

People who read the comics were not surprised at what occurred at the end of the movie. People who did not read the comic books were quite shocked. For the readers, the ending meant one thing, and for non-readers, it meant something else entirely. That is the crux of the problem having to do with spoilers for the next movie. Should comic book readers discuss what happens in the comic books in all of the current and future articles, posts, and threads?

I think the answer clearly should be a thoughtful and polite “no”, just like with the other two properties I mentioned. Game of Thrones readers, like gods or angels, thankfully spared us from huge spoilers, and the internet rejoiced. The fate of Negan was known to the readers of the Walking Dead comic books, and, I believe for the most part, comic book readers also held their tongues on his fate. Again: hallelujah! And now we as fans of super hero movies and comic books have been given the very same responsibilities to protect the secrets from the books in order to make sure that non-readers get to experience the same suspense and shock we readers had when we first read the story that laid out the basic plot, struture, characters and events in Avengers: Infinity War.


Before Avengers 4 is released, I think we need to follow the same decorum that Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead fans have shown. When creating discussion threads, just like for the previous two properties mentioned, we need two threads, one for book readers and one not for book readers so that the non-book readers have a choice if they want to be spoiled by the readers. For any article that is written about the movie, if the writer refers to the source material comic books at all (be it as part of a review, part of a discussion, or in making predictions and sharing theories), then the writer has a responsibility to mention in the first paragraph whether or not they discuss what happens in the comic books. All that requires is a short and simple sentence in the first paragraph as is the norm when discussing spoilers or potential spoilers.

I only saw the movie yesterdsay, so I quite literally have not been on the internet at all since the movie was released. The day after the movie was released, even though I took several precautions, I caught a “non-spoiler” headline out of the corner of my eye, and just those five words heavily implied something to the point where I figured out exactly what the writer was going to spoil in the article. I simply couldn’t take the chance.*


This is just my opinion formed after reading a few articles and discussion threads. For the most part, it seems the comic book readers are counsciously avoiding discussing potential spoilers, but I have seen a lot of reviews and discussions here on kinja and elsewhere that do discuss book spoilers to some tdegree, occasionally throwing out theories, predictions, and plot and character ideas that they want or hope to see in Avengers 4.

What do you think, ODeck? I created this thread so that everyone can voice their opinions on this issue and hopefully come to an agreement. I’m two weeks late to this party and have a lot of catching up to do, and I formed this opinion pretty quickly, but it’s just my personal opinion.


I hope that everybody here interested in this topic and the Marvel Cinematic Universe can discuss it and offer individual opinions. And by doing so, I hope that the discussion leads to a large group consensus on the topic.

*Plus, it’s always good to take long breaks from the internet. Most of it, as noted by Grant Morrison, is like Phantom Zone, where millions and millions of disembodied voices are screaming mostly crazy shit with far too many people acting like extra-dimsionally imprisoned villains spewing hatred and evil as destructively as the possibly can.


Edited slightly because I got kinja’d, and kinja wasn’t letting me edit or save the correct draft.

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