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I don't know if everyone saw this already (I haven't been here often lately). But amazing artist Kagan McLeod created this illustration for EW magazine. He's done a ton of these amazing mashes and Pop appropriations for many different publications.

He was profiled here because of his sprawling epic graphic novel, "Infinite Kung Fu" from Top Shelf comics. You can read 150+ pages of the graphic novel for free on the Top Shelf website: http://www.topshelfcomix.com/ts2.0/ikf01/


It's unfortunate that a terrible film like "Man With the Iron Fists" gets greenlit while stories like IFK are perfect for translation to movie. It's a much better love-letter to chopskocky 1970's martial arts / blaxploitation flicks than "Iron Fists" ever tried to be.

And just to add, Kagan's art is mostly natural media (pencil, ink, and watercolor). I met him at San Diego Comic Con a couple years back, and he is a right nice Canadian dude. Show him some patronage.

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