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Gamers! I need help!

So got my finally confirmation email and the ps4 was shipped yesterday! Here is my delima. Target is doing a buy two games get one free promotion. The three game I wanted where Assassins creed 4, Killzone shadow fall and Battlefield 4. The problem is by reading the add for some reason it says killzone wont be out till Friday, even though it has already released and is at best buy and game stop now. So here is the deal I have two options. A. go to target tonight and see if killzone is there and get the three games. B. Go to target tonight and get the games and if killzone is not there go to best buy and use my 30 dollar gift card and get killzone there. The only reason I really don't wanna wait until Friday is A. Friday is launch day of the console and I think they will be crazy busy and B. I know the sale is huge and don't want them to have a run on the games. Any advise guys? Am I being crazy are just super smart and extra cautious? Help?


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