For all our fantasy RPG enthusiasts here on the 'deck, Good Old Games is giving away Torchlight, the dungeon crawling hack-n-slash developed by members of the original Diablo dev team. It's a light-on-story throwback to the addictive days of Diablo 1-2 when all you needed to have fun was a mouse and reckless abandonment of personal responsibility.

Just log into a GOG account and add Torchlight 1 to your cart, it'll show up as free. (Some ppl see a price on the buy button and it shows up as free in the cart, but I saw it as free on the product page itself.)

Happy clicking!

P.S. Apparently it's part of a HUGE summer sale! The psychological thriller Alan Wake is only $4.48, too! This is basically a Steam Sale style wallet massacre, sans DRM. (source)