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Gather Round The Fire, It’s The Sunday Open Thread!

Tonight marks 350 years since London (or at least a large section of it) was reduced to ash in the Great Fire taking with it 13,000 building but, remarkably, claiming only six lives.

This is fine.

There have been various commemorations all this week organised by the arts charity Artichoke (who specialise in large scale arts event) mostly involving fires both real and projected, but the main draw comes tonight, with what amounts to a re-staging of the event, with a scale replica of 1666 London located on a series of river barges being set alight.


London is a little far for me, and probably is for you as well, so thankfully there is also going to be a live steam of the fire starting at 8:30GMT


(For the concerned, aside from London no longer being the inhabited tinderbox it was in the 17th century, large scale burns are the primary medium of the artist behind this part of the event, and it is being supported by no less than 5 fire safety groups, so the fire will be confined to replica version of London only.)


So what about everyone here...ever made anything just to destroy it, or seen the demise of something that was made to be destroyed? I have a great affection for that kind of one off event artwork, it’s kind of like making a piece of folklore. (I should probably work on a post about land art in regards to this, actually...note to self).

Failing that...how’s your weekend been?

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