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So, it looks like we’re stuck with at least one more Mark Gatiss episode in the next season of Doctor Who, and it’s going to involve Ice Warriors... again, with this story set on Mars and a “kind of Jules Verne / Edgar Rice Burroughs story of derring-do” which will also feature “a new kind of Ice Warrior.”

Guhh... I will be incredibly sad to see Capaldi go, and (while I may be in the minority) Moffat as well, but if Chibnall does one thing right, I hope it’s to stop hiring all the writers who keep consistently penning terrible episodes. Cold War took what should have been an awesome premise, and shat all over itself and the history of the Ice Warriors by turning them from a morally complex warrior race into some embarrassingly generic sub-Phantom Menace style CGI monstrosities that slink around like the bastard love-child of Watto and Gollum when you get them out of their Ice Warriors suit.


I suppose it’s too much to hope that Gatiss remembers that the Ice Warriors aren’t universally evil, and this episode involves The Doctor helping them, rather than a bunch of asshole Earth colonists who just happen to unearth an ancient Martian tomb. (Unless it ends up being the Doctor leading a team of both humans and Ice Warriors into an ancient Martian tomb to defuse/destroy some ancient doomsday device.... and the Ice Warrior team includes both an phallus-helmeted Ice Lord and one of those poor dumpy Ice Warriors from Monster of Peladon with the comically oversized head)

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