Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Gearbox Panel info on Borderlands 2 and Alien Marines

Watching the Gearbox panel and this is what interested me

- New Vault Hunter class: Krieg.
Krieg is a psycho class character with some psycho style skills.
The thing that interested me the most was that when he was in his “fight for your life” mode, he could throw dynamite and then he had a massive explosion when he almost dies.
That means that if you get a Black Hole shield, you are soo good.


This DLC drops in May and it’s 10 bucks.

- Level Cap increase April 2.
The new level cap will go up till 61.
There is gonna be an additional DLC with a new Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and the return of the pearlecent weapons(the most bad ass guns you can get).
This DLC will cost 5 bucks.


- New fourth DLC for the season pass coming in June.
Nothing mentioned of it, except a plausible teaser trailer with Tina Tiny playing with the original Vault Hunter in D&D sort of game.
Nothing else mentioned about it.

As for Colonial Marines:

-Massive patch ups to the game(seems that the PC people got the patch already).
They said that it includes:

Harder enemies

Harder Difficulty

Better Graphics

Hot Fix patch controls

and other additionals when determined.

So far nothing else has been mentioned, but I am ok with what they said about Borderlands(especially the Pearlies coming back).


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