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Gee! I wish I was a real astronaut like you!

Amazing what tuns up on Forces TV. It has become home to all kinds of weird and wonderful re-runs. This includes the eleventh episode of I Dream of Jeannie from 1965 which posits the question Whatever Happened To Baby Custer? 


Baby Custer idolises astronaut Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) and walks in on him floating with Jeannie the Genie (Barbara Eden). If this was The Dick Van Dyke Show, well that episode didn’t get made, did it?

But hey, I know that kid!

Custer is none other than little Willy Robinson (Billy Mumy) in the days before he was packed off in the Jupiter 2 and lost in space. “Gee! I wish I was a real astronaut like you,” he says. Be careful what you ask for Custer! You might mutate and grow a seashell round the back of your head.


Custer’s claims about seeing Nelson floating and hanging out with a girl who vanishes in a puff of smoke land our “real” astronaut in hot water with base psychiatrist Dr Bellows (Hayden Rourke) but all washes clean in the end. He even works out how Nelson does that trick after seeing it at the carnival.

The episode is available of Daily Motion.

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