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Geekify (Geeky) Tablet Cases

So, I was perusing one of my usual daily must visit sites and this was posted just now. To save you all the trouble of clicking that link though, the long and short of it is over on Etsy (for those who rarely end up there, of which I'm one) is a seller (GeekifyInc) who makes incredibly geeky tablet cases (among other things). Basically you can have a case that looks like Willow's Spellbook or the book from The Neverending Story and so on and so forth. Prices hover around $60 per case (on average), but you get what you pay for. Something unique and well made.

I've personally dropped about that much (on myself and others) for some of the offerings from DODOcase (who I highly recommend in general), but these call out to the geek in me.

Check out a few of the offerings below. I'll include prices and direct links to the individual styles/cases (to save you all some time if you're interested).


Necronomicon ($65.95)

Handbook for the Recently Deceased ($54.95)


Willow's Darkest Magick Book ($65.95)


House of Stark GoT ($48.95)

And there are many others, all available in a number of offerings (covering anything from Kindles to iPads to Nexus tablets, with prices varying accordingly per your respective device covering needs). So feel free to head over and check it out yourself.

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