Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

You can read on for what exactly is going on, but suffice it to say if you're a geek then Geordi is basically asking for your help and you pretty much know you can't come to his aid in that case.

If you are or were an avid reader then the same applies to you. You know what you have to do. Even if it's just get the word out.

I for one cannot remember a day from childhood where I didn't run to the TV at the appropriate hour to watch the show. I was reading at the age of 3 and suffering from what FlowerGirlPhysicist calls "cereal box syndrome" from that point on. For those who are unaware, that's a syndrome where you will read anything you can get your hands on. Even if it's the back and sides of a cereal box. Why? BECAUSE READING YOU FOOLS! It's awesome! Why wouldn't you want to do more of that?


So spread the word or donate if you can. As far as worthy causes, I can think of worse ones than this.

Also, as someone else pointed out in the comments on the Giz page, this is exactly the kind of thing Kickstarter was made for and should be used for.

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