If you use the Waze app for navigation (available for Android, iOS and WP, links to each app store can be found here), and you're a fan of Sleepy Hollow, you can now get spoken directions from Ichabod Crane. If you have the app running, you should get an add pop-up with an option to install the voice, so just use that. Otherwise, you should be able to check settings. You'll also find that Terry Crews' voice is available, so I might have to try that out too.

I don't normally use voice navigation because I have a holder for my phone so it's at eye level, but I tried it out a little and he refers to your car as a "carriage" while telling you which way to turn. But no street names.


Just a warning, I've seen mixed reviews on how reliable voice navigation is, with some complaints that the directions are given out too late, after a street has already been passed. So if you have a holder that keeps your phone in view without turning your eyes from the road, I'd still go with the visual cues.

Update with review: tried the voice navigation on the way home. I was also playing music off my phone through the car's bluetooth system, so whenever Ichabod would say something, the music volume would lower a little but not stop, so it's like he was trying to speak over the music, and I could hear him when he was announcing when to turn, and if traffic was bad up ahead, but I couldn't make out what he was saying when there was a hazard warning. The directions were given in plenty of time to actually use them if I didn't already know where I was going, so that's probably something that varies by device and its GPS accuracy (I'm on a Nexus 5). Overall, if it wasn't in Ichabod's charming Brittish accent and I wasn't a fan of the show, I'd just keep it on silent since I'm able t look at it while keeping my eyes on the road, but it's still fun.