T-7 Hours until Orion Event Coverage begins!

I just realized that I volunteered to spend the far-too-wee hours covering Orion, so sleep is pretty much not happening tonight. At least NASA released a trailer full of exhilarating music and flashy special effects? (Update: Who needs sleep, anyway? Live coverage!)

NASA coverage starts at 4:30 am EST (1:30 am PST), so see ya in just under 7 hours! Maybe I should nap now? That seems far too sensible. So, uh, if you find yourself insomniac tonight, or just giddy about the test flight, you should totally drop by the comments to visit. No promises on coherency or typo-free writing, however.

Get Pumped For The Orion Test Flight!

The very first test flight for Orion, NASA's new deep space exploration spacecraft, is less than a day away. Here's a trailer to get you hyped up to watch along live!

Top Image: The Orion spacecraft is intended for human deep space missions, and is billed the first step in bringing people to Mars. Credit: NASA

If you're just now hearing about Orion and want to catch up, here's a full explainer on the spacecraft and a moment-by-moment timeline of what will happen during the test flight. You can also check out a bit more context from when the spacecraft was assembled then rolled out to the launch pad. Of course we'll be covering it here on space.io9.com, raiding NASA Social for behind-the-scenes photos, and keeping a running update of where we are in the test sequence.


Need something to keep your hands busy until the launch countdown? Assemble an Orion paper model, or learn about rocket science in this Orion A-to-Z colouring book!