Getting un-fat

I posted this on Oppositelock yesterday. I got a lot more discussion than I ever expected. Thought I might share this here in case it would be beneficial to anyone else. Long and short of it is I've lost 10lbs in 4 weeks without changing what I eat and it has been simple.

One thing I've been doing is watching the Star Wars: Clone Wars on Netflix while on my tredmill. 2 episodes makes a workout go real fast. The only issue is getting the volume to a comfortable level.

Getting un-fat

So all summer long I got to wear jeans to the office. In September I realized my khaki pants no longer fit. They were already 2" bigger than I had been wearing a few years out of college and I wasn't willing to buy new pants again. I'm down 12lbs in a month and it has been easy.

When I say easy I mean it. I'm still eating the same garbage I was before. I'm just eating less of it. Cook a frozen pizza for dinner? Half of that thing is 1150 calories. So instead I eat 1/3rd of it and then don't chase it with 4 cookies. I instead chase it with a 70 calorie pack of fruit snacks which I frequently ate anyhow.

So I'm eating the same stuff just less of it. And I'm walking a lot. For the most part instead of sitting around on my breaks at work I'm walking. I do more walking at home by simply being busier at night instead of sitting on the couch all night. In the end I'm burning about 750 calories per day and consuming about 2400. Believe me when I say 2400 calories is a lot and is easy to do. What's insane is I was probably on a diet of 4000 calories before.

Now I'm not particularly overweight. I started at 194 which is by far the most I've ever weighed but I am 6' tall. I'm down to 182.2 just 4 and a half weeks into it. My goal was 25lbs in a year. I'm on pace to do that in 2 months.

Oh... I did cut one thing out. All carbonated beverages. I stick mostly to water/milk/powerade now.

The other potential benefit is all my nice hoodies that no longer fit because my stomach got a bit of a beer belly going on is they may all fit again and that would be awesome.