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Ghostbusters International

There has been a lot of talk over the years about a Ghostbusters 3 movie. As we all know, the repeated claims that its on its way have yet to bear fruit. Cast members have died since, so even if it got made as originally planned there would be a conspicuous hole, especially as, if Bill Murray/Venkman was not in it either, the heart and soul of the original would be absent.

Now there's talk of a reboot or pseudo-sequel starring an entirely new cast of women, which sounds too much like a gimmick for me to take it seriously. But so far it's the only version that really sounds like it's moving forward.


I have maintained that it would be a better idea for it to be a TV series, which is quite affordable to do these days, especially if it followed a style of, say Warehouse 13 or Eureka. That is, a judicious use of creative visual effects and comedy. There's nothing in the originals that we haven't seen the equivalent of in a recent TV show, so it's definitely within possibility.

And it wouldn't be difficult to have Dan Aykroyd or Ernie Hudson cameo as they hand over the reins to a new team, maintaining the continuity, opening it up to new ideas.

And then last night I had a huge idea. A radical concept that has never been done in TV before. It's a risk, possibly an expensive one, but then again it may actually save money in the long run.

Ghostbusters International.

What if five countries around the world made their own TV series of Ghostbusters, set in their local large city? Each would be six episodes long, and they'd fight ghosts appropriate for their culture and history, and have multiple kinds of adventures, that they'd write and produce and cast themselves, but following the established style guide bible.


So in the first year, one series would be in New York, one in London, one in Cairo, one in Sydney, and one in Tokyo. Each different sized team would be made up of different characters, with slightly different technologies, a different Ecto Mobile etc, with some stories simply about trapping ghosts, some would have big bad guy arcs, some would be about the characters, some would be murder mysteries, some would be spectacular adventures, some small localised stories, some would crossover with other countries' versions.


And then the entire series of 30 episodes would be broadcast in each country, maybe sequentially, or maybe to a simultaneous timeline, chronologically with cross-continuity.


It's a crazy idea. And maybe entirely impractical. And nobody would ever do it. But it would be cool.

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