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GIFs For Sale! Get Your Animated GIFs Here!

Are you longing to reply to someone, but don’t know the how to put the appropriate response into words? Is there some particular odious troll that you hate to engage, but still want to reply to? Do you need some sort of image to show just how you are feeling? Then get some ANIMATED GIFS! Perfect for every occasion! They slice! They dice! They make julian fries!

...okay, they do none of that, but still: animated GIFs are awesome. Here are some to try out:


This is the “Agent May Talk To The Hand” GIF. Perfect for any occasion in which you just want a single word reply (“no”), but need to pack something else, some sort of panache into it.

Price: $9.99 or free with purchase of second GIF.

This is the “Emerson Cod Aw Hell No” GIF. It’s for when you really need to emphasize how against something you are, but still want to do it in style.

Price: $14.99 or two for $25.


Ah, the classic “Tyrion Slapping Joffrey” GIF. I could watch it all day and all night. It’s the perfect response to anything, really. I mean, just look at it: slap. slap. slap. Go, Tyrion, go.

Price: oh just take it, it’s free.

There’s more, of course. You can also subscribe to GIFflix, a monthly plan that will provide you with all of the Graphic Interchange Formats of the Animated kind that you will ever need or ask for. Just $8 a month (or, if you pay $12, you get the Premium Animated GIFs, with more DPI).


So in conclusion:

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