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Ginger Beer Update and The Grand Canadian Steampunk Exhibition

So about three weeks ago, I posted about home brewing ginger beer to take with me to the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition last weekend. I figured I would report back with how it turned out.

My Ginger bug/SCOBI turned out to be very vigorous this time. After two weeks of brewing, I decided to open a small bottle to test how it had fermented. The popping sound from when I opened the flip top was so loud that Mr. Ivriniel heard it, despite the fact that he was on another floor of the house with his headphones on, listening to music. Half the bottle also came fizzing out. I had forgotten the cardinal rule of home fermented ginger beer: Never open a warm bottle. At least I had remembered to hold it over the laundry tub on opening.

Because the ginger bug was so vigorous, the ginger beer turned out very dry, as most of the sugar was consumed. It tasted pretty good, though I think I would have liked more ginger in it.

As planned, we took the bottles with us to the GCSE, only to discover that our hotel room lacked a mini fridge, so we did our best to ice it in the shower (hotel room also lacked a bathtub. If the GCSE uses the Niagara Falls Ramada again, we are getting a room with two Queens instead of 1 King) . The ginger beer was well received by all the friends who got some.

The Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition was loads of fun. It was set up at Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake, so in addition to the vendor's booths and the daytime acts you could also check out the historic fort. There was a steam powered tractor that was steaming corn on the cob, and THE. BEST. CON. FOOD. EVAR. from Little Tomato Catering. We're talking pork shoulder sandwiches on focaccia, amazing portabello mushroom sandwiches for the vegetarians, meat pies, curried vegetable pies and sodas made from handmade syrups.


The best part was the Gala concert on Saturday night: The line up was a steampunk dream: Professor Elemental, Steampowered Giraffe and Abney Park!

Loved Professor Elemental and Abney Park (Abney Park's set was the only time I felt warm the entire evening after the sun went down. Really made me get up and dance.).

Steampowered Giraffe was ... odd. They have this shtick where the band is a group of steam powered robots, and then there are these random AI characters who pop up on screen. Also the band, being robots, need repairing now and then, and these two women would come up on stage with clip boards and tools and do stuff. I didn't get it, but they certainly had their fans there. A lot of Steampowered Giraffe fans cosplay as the band, and paint their faces up as robots as well.


Since coming home and listening to some of Steampowered Giraffe's stuff online, they music is growing on me. It just felt like the stuff between the songs was mean for a younger audience, and to me it felt like it was bogging the show down.

Here's a link to each act's music:

All and all, it was a great weekend, and we are definitely going back next year.

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