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Giving up on a Series

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It is an amazing age, a time with a lot of great books and great television. No longer does a cancelling always mean gone for good. They can come back on the web, through comics, or crowd funding. There is just one problem: deciding when to give up on a series.


I have often pushed myself to finish series or books that I no longer enjoy. A character death or a character mistreatment will have me completely cold to a show except that I feel the need to finish it out. On this day in May, I pledge to no longer do that.

TL;DR version: Quit watching TV or reading a book if you’re not enjoying it or it’s causing you to get angry. It’s just not worth it. What caused you to give up on your favorite show?


Being loyal means that you are showing your appreciation to the creators for what they have done with their show. In my own life, that show as Bones. I enjoyed the way that they had interesting forensics. There were characters who I had grown to love and liked to imagine being my best friend if they were only real. While some of the murders tended to be a bit over the top, never did I have a moment where I was pulled out of a storyline because it was too unrealistic.

Over the course of ten seasons, this changed. They started to add characters to try and spice up the story. One of these was a serial killer who ended up framing one of my beloved friends. I found this pretty hard to stomach and the actions the characters took after made me feel frustrated. It did not feel like a way to move the story along, instead the characters seemed to revert into their old selves. Much of the growing that they had done vanished with a season change.


None of this mattered. I was a true fan, I would stick with it to the end. It didn’t matter that I wouldn’t actually pay any attention to the episode, instead reading a kindle book or playing CAH with friends. This lasted until another character got framed and I quit in frustration.

It was glorious. A sense of relief washed over me, I had an extra hour to watch another show or to do anything else that would be enjoyable. I had hoped that I’d learned from that, but I’ve noticed myself doing it with other shows and books. How I Met Your Mother was one majorly regrettable waste of time.


There is a reason why I bring this up today, one that’s probably fairly evident. A moment happened in GoT that has people wondering if they should continue on the journey that the television series is taking them on. Here is the reason I would not go back.


1) This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

It started with Daenerys wedding night and continued with that weird scene with Cersi and Jamie. Game of Thrones is in a world that is brutal to everyone, especially women, but there doesn’t always seem to be logic in it.


2) It’s just a way to revert a character.

Sansa was finally starting to reach her full potential. This is going to push it back and I somehow doubt that it will be the only disturbing scene. You’ve already seen what Ramsay has done to Theon, it’s obviously not going to be better for her.


3) It’s making you angry.

One commentator even said that he was glad the scene wasn’t portrayed, as it would have just made him punch his screen. This is great if you want to get people to talk about your show, but for a viewer it can ruin your night.


I would say number three is the most important point. If a TV show or book is pissing you off or making you super depressed? It might be time to give it up. EDIT: Which isn’t to say that I’m saying EVERYONE should give up GoT. If you’re still enjoying it, keep going. It’s great having things you enjoy in your life.

Now that I’ve written a post way longer than I probably should have and included a cute picture of a cat, I have questions. Why did you give up on a long time series?

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