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Update: I thought I had run into a Gizmodo Media Group (GMG) change but the change was on my software’s end, not on their end.

What I thought yesterday: that the Gizmodo Media Group blogs had chosen to un-share articles from any non-staff blogs.


What I realize today: that the Kinja search functionality changed how it treats republished/shared articles and that my browser’s blocker is blocking more objects than it should.

Article as written yesterday: This morning I was interested in looking at the last Observation Deck article that was shared to io9: this article by Kinja user Ghost in the Machine. Last November, back before the Kinja engineers decided to change stars into bookmarks, I took a screenshot, just for the sake of having ‘photographic’ evidence.

^ The time tag there, 6:26pm Kinja time on 12 August 2015, is when the article was shared to io9.


Here’s what that date in io9 history looks like currently:


All of Ghost in the Machine’s articles are no longer shared. Frequently shared author mythbri? No longer directly shared. This article by djublonskopf which got listed as one of the 100 most popular io9 posts of 2015? No longer shared. This article by Faz.Alam posted to another Kinja blog and previously shared on io9? No longer shared.

Two months ago I asked if io9 was trying to get on friendly terms with Observation Deck again. But it seems like the Gizmodo Media Group’s blogs are throwing away all the parts of their history that are not paid contributions of one kind of another. Absent a future wherein io9 is no longer part of the GMG, I don’t see any current pathway towards a more friendly relationship between io9 and Observation Deck.


So it goes.

Article as I see it today: Viewing that date on io9 in a different browser shows me that the browser’s blocker is the problem, and that GMG has not stopped sharing non-staff content.


But the related “Kinja search can’t find that article” issue is still present. If I’m looking for “You May Kiss The Corpse Bride On The Face Off 100th Episode” I can no longer find it by searching at Gizmodo. But it shows up in a Kinja search.


So I’ll have to update some links and I had to update this article to be more accurate, while preserving the old content because the comments only make sense if the old content was kept. I see the GMG staff do the same thing so I assume it’s what should happen on Kinja blogs.

Top image from here.

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