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Go Haunt Someone Else's Dreams, Paddington

I was stumbling around the internet today when I happened upon the trailer for the upcoming Paddington movie. The movie looks like an absolutely dreadful mash-up of CGI and nostalgia, but there was no chance I was going to see it anyway.

Paddington Bear is one of the many children's book characters that I don't want anything to do with. I didn't even like the books as a child. He is right up there with Winnie the Pooh on the list of characters that just bother me for some reason. Apparently some brave souls on the internet agree with me because a meme has been spreading. Based off of one of the first images released from the film, "Creepy Paddington" inserts this soulless ursine devil into scenes from horror movies and thrillers. It even has its own Tumblr.


Anyway, here is the trailer. Watch it at your own risk.

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