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God. Dammit. Guardians of the Galaxy, you're supposed to be the one that makes me laugh. Not. Cry! (Spoilers)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious, too, of course - very much so, but... I - had not expected so many feels from the class clown of the MCU. Kudos, James Gunn.... the first one showed us that the Marvel Universe could be silly and goofy, and when you think you got Vol.2 figured out, they open a whole new trick for the MCU: Heart wrenching.... Spoilers after the video.

Farewell, Yondu. You were an interesting villain in the first one, but now.... you’ll actually be missed. And if anyone had any doubt they would mange to pull off bringing both him and Nebula over to the - kinda sorta good side, the have been taught a lesson.


Vol. 2 may be less subversive than 1. But man. they never fail to surprise. MY answer to “Which Marvel plotline will make you cry?” would not have been GotG.

That said. Boy oh boy have we got some daddy issues in the franchise now. A brain the size of a planet a Kurt Russell with an Ego the size of a planet is no good sign, but Nebula obviously has it even worse... I’m pretty sure someone will play a surprisingly big and important role in Infinity Wars. If we thought the Guardians would be sidelined by the Avengers in that fight, that seems hardly likely anymore.


300 songs on the next Awesome Mix! But only after lesson 1: Don’t break the Starlord’s Walkman. I wonder if with all the Walkman imagery for the first two, they are actually going to bring the Zune back in some shape or form... :) (Yes. Zune! Ith the hot shit now on Earth apparently.....)

Stan Lee is officially a Watcher now! Well. Honorary, maybe but - there’s is absolutely no denying it anymore after this cameo. It explains it all! :)


We get a teenage Groot mid credit scene... Goodness.... far less cute than Baby Groot, I hope he grows out of that phase before his next film.... :)


We also get a Stallone mid credit..... He’s actually gonna come back, ain’t he? And he’s gonna bring Ving Rhames... How the hell did that happen........

Oh - and as a sidenote - if you wonder why Germany gets Vol. 2 so much earlier than the USA: It has a David Hasselhoff cameo. Of course we get it first. See? That’s how years of loyalty to the Hoff pay off in the end!


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