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Gods of Egypt. Egypt is in Europe right?

Well. This is getting a little ridiculous. I feel like this is a parody somebody is making up to make fun of racebending in Hollywood. Gods of Egypt, a movie about literal Gods of Egypt not some metaphor or something, has cast their Ra in their form of Geoffrey Rush.

He will join Gerard Butler playing Set and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau playing Horus in the upcoming Alex Proyas film. Here is a summary.

The film’s plot concerns the Egyptian god Set killing his brother, the underworld deity Osiris. Osiris’ son Horus then attempts to avenge his father by killing his uncle, but succeeds only in having his eyes plucked out. Still determined to stop the mad Set, Horus joins forces with the love goddess Hathor and a human thief who happens to be in love with a slave.


So we still don't know who Hathor, human thief, or the slave will be played by but my guess based on the casting so far is two white people and a black person as the slave. Or Hathor as the token black character. Time will tell whether this train wreck will plow into the orphanage or into the Happy Puppy Home. But maybe I am pessimistic.

Now some of you may say "But Irae Nicole! Idris Elba was cast as Norse god, Heimdal! That is the same thing!" To that I say.

  • Heimdall was one Norse God out of a bunch of white ones and I wouldn't say a major part of the movie (unfortunately). Here it is predominantly white cast so far playing major roles in the movie. Ra is lead god so I imagine he will be important though he isn't in the summary.
  • They aren't even real Norse gods in films.
  • Representation. One white character changed to be a person of color? Doesn't hurt representation of white people in films. Change a few characters to make them white? Hurts representation of people of color.
  • Unfortunate Implications. Either the people of Egypt are going to be white. Or more likely, they aren't but they all worship a bunch of white people.
  • Idris Elba

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