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Going on a Mission

So I finally got some time to try a game I'm entirely avoiding - a shooter, and it's online - because I am such a derp with guns. Oh yeah I did enjoy Metal Gear Solid years ago, but it involves a lot of sneaking around and not getting caught by guards, so I waited while the software updates -


...even with the initial screens I was enjoying the look already, being a Tenno Merc/Soldier/Operative whatever.

I explored the color schemes, tried to read up on stuff about my Tenno, and since I don't know much about weapons, only that it looked cool, I settled for what was my default set up and just clicked the available mission. And soon enough I was right smack into it. I may have killed a few Grineer, but soon as I do something heroic and progressing with the mission, I look around, admiring the design, the environment, even with my less-than-powerful laptop, I get to see details of the game.Yay! I'm innit! Woo-hoo! Then -


I'm dead. Just like that. After 5 more tries, or what the available revive option for my Tenno was, I Forfeited my mission. But you know what? I enjoyed Warframe. The sounds, the character design, the music, don't forget the music. It's been years since I picked up a title and just went in and tried to survive. Such leaps and bounds in gaming and graphics today, I was glad to have tried.


And I think it won't be the last.

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