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Golden Globes so far...assorted toughts

Ok, so I'm following the Golden Globes online (not actually watching it cause the powers that be won't let me)

First off, F%$?&k you CTV and Bell for not letting me watch the show online unless I have a subscription to Bell satelite TV.

Second - Jennifer Lawrence, radious as ever, won for American Hustle! Yeah! She was the best part of great movie. She deserved it! And I love her hair!


Third, I just wish Lupita Nyong'o wins the same award (supporting actress) for 12 Years a Slave. She was mesmerizing. If not, it's okay - she can be the new Storm whenever they reboot X-Men again. I mean, look at this woman, she would be perfect:

Fourth, hey Amy Adams just won for American Hustle too! This movie is just going to win everything isn't it?

Fifth, for those who watched Breaking Bad, yes, Bryan Cranston won. Happy :P?

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