So... I managed to get the complete series of "Tales of the Golden Monkey". I remember it quite fondly from my childhood, and thought it would be fun to watch again. I'm half way through the pilot episode, and... it is gloriously cheesey.

The FX are horrid, the sets are theatrical in quality[1], the acting is "blatant", and the plots are simplistic.

In other words... It's great! It's pure 80's cheese.

On another layer, it brings back some very personal memories. I remember watching the original run with my father[2]. He was an Army mechanic in WWII (African and European theatres, not Pacific), and he would mention little tidbits as we watched the show. I can't remember any of them, but I remember loving to hear them. There are two things I remember:

1) This was the first time I learned that my dad was called "Corky". Corky is the mechanic on the show. The name comes from one of the characters from an old comic strip (I can't remember which one).

2) Dad had the opportunity to buy a Grumman Goose (the sea-plane in the show), but he turned it down because he didn't have a place (lake) to land it. A few months later, he bought property on Lake Wisconsin.

[1] I used to design and build theatrical sets. It's not an insult, just a statement about degrees of realism.


[2] I have a website where I've posted videos of him telling some of his stories in the months before he died: (I'll have to upload more of the videos soon).