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Big Chief Studios, the team behind the current series of 1:6 Doctor Who figures, have revealed the first 'final' images of their figures based on the BBC's modern day Sherlock Holmes and John Watson - and they are frighteningly accurate.

The two figures, due out sometime next year, recreate Holmes and Watson in their trademark outfits from the show's first publicity pictures - Sherlock in his long coat and scarf, and John in his trusty black jacket and jumper. The detail in not just the tailored clothing, but in the eerily accurate headsculpts (crafted by hand by Designworks Windsor) too - it's practically like looking at a miniaturised Cumberbatch and Freeman!


Before you get too excited and start planning your own action figure series of Sherlock whilst you wait for the actual TV show to turn up, or how to recreate your favourite Johnlock scene with these two beauties - you may want to have a look at the price tags, because with high quality comes a crazy amount of cashola involved.

Available as standalones or in pairs (because what is Holmes without his Watson, after all?), these figures have got quite the price attached. Each figure will set you back £170, or a whopping £340 for a bundled pair - and even more if you want one of the 400 'Signature Editions', featuring numbered display placards signed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman themselves, at £220 per figure or £440 for the pair. To slightly soften the blow of the lofty prices of the paired sets, Big Chief will also throw in a free, as-yet-unrevealed 'exclusive' lithographic art print by Professional american artist Alice X Zhang, who's not unfamiliar with making incredibly swanky Sherlock fan art - good enough to be officially licensed by the BBC for sale:


If you're got the cash to spare (or your love of Sherlock overrides your love of cash in the bank account), you can register your interest in pre-ordering the figures here - quite advisable, as Big Chief's past figures have sold out rather sharpish, despite the high prices!

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