Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Good morning, four eyes and two eyes...

(and one-eyes... not sure if we have any of those, but if so - arrh ;) ). As someone who has slowly gotten used to wearing glasses (having strted out with pretty much the exact model the video gives as example for the 80s didn’t make it easier), I have now come to accept them as part of me - and status symbol of nerd hood.:)

Also - no way would I let someone shot a lasers at my eye or shove a tiny disc of glass/plastic into it, so there’s not much of a choice. :) But as I guess glasses have been accepted as a badge of honour now and many of you wear them (and share memories of how it used to be wearing them), let’s have a look back at them, shall we? Some history of the eyewear!


And in case anyone cares - after going from the huge 80 monsters to tiny metal framed ones that tried to remain as unnoticed as possible in my face and didn’t even cover a cinema screen, I now reached something a little bigger than than, with a broader metal frame. I love these more than any I had before. I am willing to show my spectacles, now... :)

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