Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Good morning OD

I feel like I should also do an obligitory test post but I wanted something relevant. Here it is...

A friend of mine has been slowly warming to coming to the geekier side of life through movies and television. Last summer I convinced her to watch Doctor Who and now we enjoy episodes at a British pub in town complete with it's own TARDIS. Two weeks ago I got her through all of Game of Thrones which she's in love with now. I'm calling it her Nerducation.

I have a set list of movies an tv that I'd like to get her into. Obviously, Supernatural is up there, but I feel like it references so much that perhaps I should get her through a crash course of other stuff first. And we're going to wait till summer when it's raging hot and we'll want to sit inside watching marathon tv. But there's still not a lot of free time to get through 1,000 seasons of everything. (You know I NEVER skip episodes.)


So, suggest away. I think I'm looking for the big ICONIC stuff. Not so much the obscure stuff. We'll get there in time. She knows some of the basics, Star Wars/Trek etc. For some reason I can't just get a list out on paper.

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