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I think its already pretty recognized that I am the biggest Star Track fan on O-Deck. As such I have spoken little about the passing of Lenard Namor because I've been in Deep Grieving over the last few days. But I'm ready to say a few words now about the passing of the greatest Science Fiction character since Frankenstein.

To me, Sprock represented something that has never been seen before. An Elf that lived in space, plus weird eye brows, he was always an inspiration to me as a human man on earth that plucks his eye brows. His uniform was blue, which is a cool color which matched his temperament. Devoid of human emotions, he would always say, "That's not reasonable," as his catch phrase. We all know and love it.


Namor himself lived a long and fulfilling life, and its worth celebrating. As a parting, I give his classic Space Elf goodbye, "Forever young, show me the money."

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-the author, who got paid 2K for writing this.

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