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Good sites/books for learning basic math/science

Hey guys been a long time. I posted something on Groupthink but thought I’d ask over here as well.

I had a lot of health issues in High school. I dropped out and finished at night school where we basically watched a lot of movies and learned nothing. I’m now in my late 30s and a long way from remembering anything I learned. I’ve recently become obsessed with astrophysics and genetics. I’ve been reading some books and usually have my phone with me to look up and get better understandings of certain things but I’ve realized I am really lacking the basics.

I want to learn math (and I don’t even remember long division also never passed pre algebra so this is from the beginning). I did buy a couple pre algebra books and a work book. Math seems a little easier to get going on but any suggestions would be welcome.


I want to learn science but there is so much of it I have no clue where to start. I want to learn about atoms, energy, matter, electrons, elements etc. when I go look at books at the bookstore there are just all sub categories.

So any recs on websites, apps, books? I don’t learn well by listening although some YouTube videos have helped. I don’t mind paying if it’s good.

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