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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Good will hunting 2: the Dark Knight returns

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okay so i take a break for a couple of weeks and what happens? craziness that's what.


Ben aflac? Batman?

Bryan Cranston? Lex Luthor? (told ya)

Matt Damon? Martian Manhunter?!

Okay so i know Bryan and Matt are still just rumors as of right now (Morning Spoilers 8-26-2013)


But wow.

So yah i had the same reaction everyone else seemingly had when this less talented part of Benniffer was announced as the Caped Crusader. "WTF!! did anyone else see 'Daredevil'?!!!" (side note: apparently it was only me and three other guys, and they were blind) and of course i made the obligatory Matt Damon Robin jokes.


But the more i thought about it, the more i saw the twitter rants the nerd rage, i realized something very important in all this:

Ben has the internet too, i am betting he has seen all of this out pouring, all the things that have been said, all the jokes that have been made.


and as a big fuck you to all the nay-sayers out there:

He's gonna kill it, he is going to make everyone believe that he is the Batman (and why not he has at least 5 other guys that he can learn from their mistake.)


you have to remember its not really Ben's fault that 'Daredevil' was such a travesty that mostly has to be hung around the neck of the director Mark Steven Johnson.

have you seen the other movies this guy was involved in as either writer, director or producer? Electra, Jack Frost, both Ghost rider movies? ugh he is like a crappier version of MNS (and thats saying alot)


Affleck is a decent actor, and has a good sense of humor ("we got a 10-07" "Jesus Ben, again?!" "No, bullshit, because i wasn't WITH a hooker today, haha") and obviously now he knows everyone is expecting him to Clooney the Bat. as a big "fuck you" to all those who don't believe, he is going to be the best Batman on film to date.

I am not even going to bring up the Cranston/Lex Luthor thing, cept to say "haha, i was right , i was right."


and Matt Damon as the J'onn J'onzz........i don't even know what to say to that, i kinda hope there are other roles in mind for him.

Yes i realize that the Cranston/Damon involvement in the DC movieverse at this point is still rumors (and somewhat wishful thinking) but there is an upside to this.


With the amount of movies that each of these actors are rumored to be contracted for it shows(at least to me) WB/DC's dedication to improving not only the quality of their 'verse, but to make a cohesive world where these characters are interacting and sharing on a much larger scale (not just a Waynecorp symbol on the side of a building).

Personally i am more then willing to give WB a shot and support in this venture, because ultimately the winners in this could be us the fans. the possibility of having two well thought out cohesive and entertaining comic book movie universes. each trying to out do each other with bigger better and more spectacular stories and not the same old stupid ass origin stories that have been told more times than i care to count.


Now if they could just get a couple of directors that i have more faith in then Snyder or even Nolan (though Nolan isn't quite so horrible but i think he is better as the overall producer of the films. and i would be happy if Snyder was just the director of Cinematography because he does have a great eye).

The Hobbit

So i just saw this movie this weekend. and i have very mixed feelings about it.

I love how The Hobbit feels so different from the LOTR, just as the books felt different from each other. much lighter as befitting the story that was more of a children's tale. there was some very good stuff in this movie.


But it felt more like a Disney movie to me as well (along the lines of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) some of the scenes remind me of attraction rides (Stone giants and the bridge scene in the goblin caves). The Trolls felt more like the three stooges and i was down with the Goblin's until they spoke (nothing really dangerous about goblins, except they being overwhelming overwhelming by sheer numbers. everyone knows that Goblins are the bunny rabbits of the fantasy world) also the added content to extend to three movies was obvious and mostly unnecessary.

with that said i was fine with the overall product and i enjoyed it more than i did Fellowship. i am willing to give the next two movies a chance as i am interested how Peter Jackson will have this all play out and hook it into the LOTR trilogy.



Affleck: will kill as Batman

Cranston: "Haha" (Nelson from the Simpson's)

Damon: could be Robin

The Hobbit: could have been better, could have been a lot worse


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