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Google Apps Update

I did the first of a new weekly Android related post yesterday and it can be found here.

There were a few additional Google apps updated throughout the afternoon/evening yesterday and so I'm going to do a quick rundown on them for you here.


First off, Maps was updated. Nothing fancy, just place cards for upcoming (local) events. As far as I'm aware this update is for 4.3+ devices only, devices running on older versions of the OS will likely be getting their own specific update. So if you're not running Jelly Bean 4.3+ then I highly recommend waiting for the update to hit your phone (as it'll be tailored to it). You can download the update here.

YouTube has also been updated. Lots of UI tweaks to make things more intuitive for the most part. Oh and you can reply/report comments now. (Not that you should ever read comments on YouTube. Not if you don't want to lose all faith in humanity or not think that the majority of people are complete fucking idiots that is.) The update is for devices on 2.3+, so if you've got anything made in the last three years then you're good to go as far as downloading and installing this update. You can get it here.

Google Search has received a potentially significant update for Cricket fans. Lol. Cricket support has now been added to Google Now. Additionally, Stock information has been added and expanded cards with additional information are shown when a stock is clicked. Tweaks have been made in general to searching and Hotword Detection now has its own page in the settings section of Search. You can get the update here.

The Chromecast app has also gotten a minor update, now the settings part of it can be accessed from the slide out "hamburger" menu (bringing it in line with all the other UI changes made to most of the other Google apps). Beyond that, nothing else. Get it here.


For those living on the edge, Chrome Beta has received a small update as well. Bug fixes for the most part, keep in mind this is all on top of the last update that purportedly allows for sending websites (that allow it) to your Chromecast, *does best Bill Murray impression* so you've got that going for you, which is nice. You can find the update here.

And that's it as far as Google app updates for yesterday. I'm sure there'll be more next week, either minor or major updates. All par for the course like usual. I'll try to make this post go with the Wednesday one, but as updates are sent out randomly and I'm made aware of app updates throughout the day/night that might not always be possible. I'll do the best I can to keep things organized and to a limited number of post. (This is mainly for people like me who want all their apps as up to date as possible.)


Speaking of Chromecast though, I'll have a post up shortly on a number of interesting and worth keeping an eye on Chromecast apps.

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