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That picture sums up exactly what Contributor by Google is.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy running a website. Much less generating revenue from doing so. I’m not saying there are not ways to do exactly that, but it takes work and does not necessarily mean you will get any kind of return whatsoever. And thus we get ads. Ads generate revenue, pure and simple. Also, highly annoying.


Have any of you accidentally not used an adblocker recently? My goodness. The internet is an ugly place without one. More so actually.

And now Google, the champ of ad sales, has come up with a way for websites to generate revenue while lessening the ads you the end user sees. So you can not use an ad blocker on certain sites and support them financially at the same time.


Although I should add that you are not removing ads entirely from the internet with this. This only works on ads served up by Google’s AdSense and Ad ExchangeI believe. Additionally there is no “remove all ads” option. Only options that allow you to reduce greater percentages of ads based off of you donating more.

Overall it’s a neat way of sites being able to still give you the content you crave and generating a revenue while also lowering the amount of ads you see online.


And for the sake of showing you what sites look like with Contributor setup, here’s a quick example as shared by Droid Life, who previously wrote about this months ago.


Oh yeah, did I mention you can replace ads with cat pics? Because you totally can!


The only catches being to use the service are 1. you must be in the U.S. (for now at least), 2. you must be surfing the web with your Gmail account signed in, and 3. you’ll have to setup Google Wallet to handle the payments.

Honestly, I’m intrigued enough by this to consider giving it a go when I get paid tomorrow afternoon. Replace ads with cat pics and support sites I love? Sign me the hell up! Although personally I’d be happier if there was something else available in lieu of cats.


You know what that is without me having to tell you. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE WHEN THEY’RE LITTLE!!! It’s so adorable! It could steal all my socks and I wouldn’t even be annoyed, much less mad.

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