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Google Play Birthday Sale!

So the second birthday of the Play Store is officially here! That said, there's nothing really worth checking out except Badland. (Since I bought it on Day 1, I can't see if it's on sale right now or for how much. But since it made the page I assume there's some kind of discount on it.)

The only thing of note, that I'm going to purchase shortly is the official companion to HBO's Game of Thrones. The usual price on it is $29.99, but for the birthday they've lowered it to $3.99. Not too shabby if I do say so myself, at that price my curiosity is enough that I have to buy it.

Also, since I think it's safe to say we're all fans of memes and similar things, it's worth noting that Grumpy Cat's book is also on sale. It is currently $1.99, down from it's usual $9.99 price. No clue what's in it, but it's definitely a bargain at that price for Grumpy Cat fans. (Whether you want to "buy" a book for something you can likely always get tons of online for free, cat/Grumpy Cat pics, is another story entirely though. You're all adults though, do what you want.)


I should add, this is live as of right now for U.S. citizens, the sale appears to have been going on for at least two days now though for people living outside the United States. For once you all got some Google love before we did. [salutes] Well done! It shan't happen again more than likely! : P

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