Lately I’ve been jamming out to various tunes from pretty much all the geeky shows that have come out as of late. iZombie and Killjoys being the main two I’ve been grooving on. (Plus various soundtracks from stuff like Pacific Rim and Serenity and a few others.)

Today just because I can I decided to go off and make as complete a playlist as possible (barring one or two songs I couldn’t find on Google Play Music, and which at present I’m too lazy to find elsewhere and upload to GPM and then to the playlist) of the tunes heard in both iZombie and Killjoys.

Why? So I can share them with you all, you silly geese!

If you’re currently an All Access subscriber then you’re set. Just click the links below and get your jam on. If you aren’t I believe Google has changed the trial period from a month to three months for free, at which point you can pay $9.99 (plus tax, as applicable) a month to keep the service. It’s well worth it in my opinion, as paying also gets you a YouTube Music Key which pretty much lets you save (most, even non music) videos for offlice playback. It also gets you the ability to listen to stuff from YouTube on your phone or tablet without having to stay in the app or keep the screen on. Woohoo!



Silicon Valley

The Strain

True Detective

Stargate: Universe <- The only playlist in this bunch where you can hear Flogging Molly and The Eels, which alone makes it worth listening to.


Person of Interest

Like I said though, these aren’t necessarily complete. The iZombie playlist is for the most part, only two songs are missing. The Killjoys playlist is the one that is missing maybe half the songs, couldn’t find them at all.


That said, for both playlists mind you, I’ll keep searching and add what’s missing as I find it. I’m also going to make it a point to update both as new episodes and song lists for them are released. So feel free to “Subscribe” to said playlist via your browser or the Google Play Music app. What that does is basically make my playlist your own. Except as I add to it on my end yours will be updated too. At least I think that’s how it works. I’ve subscribed to some before and noticed no changes and I rarely share my own playlists, but I guess we can see what happens! Cause we’re an adventurous bunch.

Also, because I’ve got little to do today I’m taking any and all requests. (Keeping in mind filling them may take some time. Potentially due to dilly dallying.) You tell me shows you want to hear the tunes from and I’ll get to putting together the playlists and updating this post to reflect any requested additions. They don’t have to be geeky in nature, although that doesn’t hurt.


EDIT. Knocked out Silicon Valley and The Strain already, up next is Fargo. So anything else you can think of just post in the comments and check the post regularly for updates.

The one show I really wanted the music to is Dark Matter, but no site has any of the handful of tracks heard in the show up. So I can’t do much with no info whatsoever.


Unrelated, in honor of shark week I present to you a carpet shark!