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Gort! Robby! The Gunslinger! Rise of the "Robots" on TCM!

Because it will be a busy television week with all the new show premieres I just wanted to mention that some truly classic, and in some cases classy, robots, androids, and AI’s (oh my) are taking over the Turner Classic Movie channel this Tuesday for a robofest of sorts. The mini-marathon starts at 6 AM EST with the beautiful Maria starring in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, followed by the comedy short The Tin Man from 1935. At 9 AM the very imposing Gort arrives in Day the Earth Stood Still, followed at 10:45 by a Robby the Robot double feature, Forbidden Planet and The Invisible Boy.


At 2:15 is The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (a movie I know nothing about apart from seeing bits of it on MST3K). 2001: A Space Odyssey with the incredibly polite and likable HAL starts at 3:30, and the relentless Gunfighter from Westworld rounds out the filmfest at 6 PM.

Not related to robots or androids or AI’s but also on Turner this Saturday really late night or Sunday really early morning (whatever you consider 3 AM Sunday), as part of their cult Underground programming, TCM is showing a haunted house double feature, the Japanese horror film Hausu from 1977 followed by 1974’s The House of Seven Corpses with John Ireland and John Carradine.


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