Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Can we stop coming across as such D-bags on commenting forums? Yes, everyone and their dog knows you've read the books but what you think is coming across as sly-wink-wink subtly is coming across as flat out douchbaggery.

I watched season one THEN read the books. And if I were exposed to these types of comments and the volume of these comments I would have just watched the show and called it a day. One of my favorite things to do is to ENCOURAGE others to watch the show and if I think it's up their alley only then do I recommend the books.

For example, I had a friend who's boyfriend I was being introduced to one night. He'd read the books and she hadn't but was going to start watching the show that weekend. We talked about how we were excited for the season and encouraged her to try the show out and not to get attached to any characters. We weren't all "mwah mwah we know what's going to happen this season! We're so far ahead of EVERYONE! mwah mwah"


Finally, let a good show encourage people to read. One of my favorite random observations was shortly after "Two Towers" came out. On the bus minding my own business when a group of high school WOO girls got on. Screaming and chattering away. When one of them pulls out their copy and they start squealing over which part who is on. They discovered this series because of Peter Jackson's trilogy. Let them have that. Don't be all "mrrr I read that when I was in Elementary school and what have you". Just be cool and encouraging.

I know 99.9% of the O-Deck is cool with these rules but DAMN IT I HAD TO VENT. Just too many jerks on the internet today....

("mrrr" and "mwah mwah" are my versions of what jerks sound like because I start to tune them out)


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