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GoT Book Spoiler Thread S7 Ep.7

There’s something to be said for waiting until a written series is finished before adapting it for the screen. We’ve seen what happens when filmmakers get impatient. The Hellsing TV series was made after only a fraction of the series was published. The result was a strong beginning with a lackluster 2nd half that ultimately falls short of the story’s true scope. Fullmetal Alchemist ended up going in an entirely different direction than the 1st adaptation, an ending which was satisfying but now seems weird and heavy-handed now that we have the true ending in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. How successful Harry Potter’s adaptation was with its wildly varying directorial visions is debatable. But for the many Hellsings, FMAs, Gantzes, etc, we sometimes have an X.

X TV Series

Let me explain: CLAMP’s apocalyptic manga series, X, has been stalled for decades due to publishing rights issues, leaving it with a clear direction but no ending in sight. When it was decided that it would be adapted for TV, the creators wrote an ending but stated that this was different from the ending they had originally envisioned. (I’m purposely ignoring the movie because it is beautiful but nonsensical garbage made to promote the manga.) Being the only ending we are likely to ever see, it was logical, made narrative sense, was true to the characters, and tied up all loose ends. In other words, it was a good ending that most fans have accepted as cannon.

To me, season seven of Game of Thrones is not an X. It had some great moments and the finale was amazing, but all the stuff in the middle reminds me of all the weird post-911 commentary shoehorned into the first adaption of Fullmetal Alchemist. Like, they wanted to include terrorism and ethnic cleansing and Hitler because that stuff gives the audience what they think they want, but that’s not what the story is about. It’s a roundabout way to get to the endpoint without respecting the world and themes that had been so carefully put together.

Yes, Hitler shows up in a fantasy series about resurrecting your dead mother. Suffice to say, he does not appear in the author’s intended version of the story.

I am not hoping for Game of Thrones to be remade once the books are done, as some are speculating for Harry Potter. A Hellsing Ultimate-style treatment for GoT is not the way to go. Instead, no matter how much I might enjoy or revile what D & D have in store for us, I will take their ending with a grain of salt and wait patiently for the real ending.

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