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Got Injustice today. Quick comic book question.

When the hell did this guy get so awesome!?

As someone who is not really a comic book reader at all, just a fan of the characters/universes/TV shows/Movies/etc, I have only known Aquaman in the concept of 'Boy, Aquaman sure does suck'. Like, there are two certainties in mainstream knowledge of the DC universe: Batman will always be the Goddamn Batman, and Aquaman will always suck. As the Dothraki say, it is known.


So I started the story mode, and am really enjoying it - I just finished Aquaman's Chapter Three, which I'll include below as evidence to his... well, his badassery (it's early on, but still, spoilers, whatever):

So why is he such a badass in Injustice!? He's fun to play as, he sounds awesome, he acts awesomely, beats up hella dudes in an awesome manner - hell, his supermove is to spear you with his trident and FEED YOU TO A SHARK!

So tell me, Comic book aficionados. When did Aquaman stop being this:


And start being... this?


And why wasn't the world at large informed of this groundbreaking shift of power in the DC Universe!?

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