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GoT question: What does the 'end game' look like?

Full disclosure, i’m totally not a fan. Not even the occasional flash of nipple is enough to get me to watch the show but, through sheer osmosis, its kinda hard not to pick up on the various hatches, matches and dispatches. Because of this, I find myself with a single question; just how can it end?

We all want ‘resolution’ even if its just for out favourite characters but therein lies the problem i see with GoT...there’s just so much happening. I mean, so far, the 2 obvious plot endings i’ve picked up on are Dragon Lady taking over that uncomfortable and pricey throne or Dark Lord Olaf taking over everything... or some combination of the two.


But I just cant see this ending with some sort of Battle of Pelennor Fields... unless Danyaerys wins and then is promptly stabbed in the back by Tyrion, resulting in a Hobbit victory.

So fans, fanatics and assorted imbibers of this strange drug called Game of Thrones.... does it all end with a blaze of dragonfire or a whimper of someone, probably royalty, being stabbed in the back 22 times?

I imagine that anyone posting below would get quite spoilery by necessity so i’d avoid the comments if you’re not up to date on everything and anything GoT.... or like me, just dont care.

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