Thoughts after the photo (which seems spoiler-ish... but it ain't...)

* Brutal. Just brutal. That fight scene was amazing, but the end? Brutal, even though I knew it was coming. "Pride goeth before a fall" indeed!

* Reek/Theon. My god that man can act. The scene in the castle where he starts to falter when the Iron Born won't capitulate is creep yet heart-breaking and tragic. I fear it gets overlooked in the episode with everything else that was happening.

* I guess it's unclear whether The Mountain is dead at this point too, and if he dies from his wounds does that make the contest a tie? And if so, what does that mean for poor Tyrion?


* No Arya/Sansa reunion? Maybe next episode. Want to see how these two changed sisters interact now.

* HELLOOOO SANSA! I feel like a dirty old man, but WOW she was owning it in the last scene in that dress. OK, OK, really I'm just thrilled she is no longer playing the victim. Interested to see where her story goes.


* The Wildlings are coming! The Wildlings are coming!

* I'm probably in the minority here, but the more I see of the story taking place in Mereen, the less I care about it. Daenyrs just doesn't hold my interest. I felt like the show just about ground to a halt every time a scene took place over there.


* Arya laughing upon hearing of her aunt's death: such a middle finger to The Hound and all his machinations to ransom her! And yet, they are uneasy allies at this point, so I am curious what his fate will be at the hands of Sansa and Littlefinger

* The scene with Jamie and Tyrion: I'm enjoying their brotherly camaraderie more and more. They are both pawns of Cersei and Tywin, really, and always have been. Jamie is starting to finally realize it now, it seems.


* Sad there was no Brienne/Podrick this episode, but I know it would have been too much in an already stuffed to the gills .


Just this. That's all: