Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Got to Stop Saying "Nerd Blackface"

Yes, I'm using a Community GIF to make a Big Bang Theory point.

From AVClub's review of this weeks episode, echoing what came up here a few days ago:

During this year’s Christmas dinner, my 13-year-old cousin told me that one of his friends said The Big Bang Theory was “nerd blackface,” a harsh accusation that is pretty hard to dispute.


Geeks are not a downtrodden minority or an outcast group. The comparison is childish and offensive. I, for one, will continue to salute The Big Bang Theory for not making awkwardness cute and endearing, and making isolation sad and uncomfortable, and staying skeptical of all things being resolved by geeky specialness and be-who-you-are pixie dust, but that's me. (I'm very comfortable in my nerdiness.)

Sure, The Big Bang Theory often mocks geekiness, but I think it mocks the parts that really, really need to be mocked. The precious self-obsession, the carefully nurtured sense of prosecution, the tedious Ender's Game mix of elitism and self pity. At least, that's what the reactions to the show seem to often bring out. The ability to type out the words "Nerd Blackface" and not wilt in shame. Can we please, at least, stop saying that?

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