Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Watching Gotham right now. These are my thoughts as I watch.

  • Cat?! Her name is Cat?! That's worse than renaming Pamela "Ivy".
  • There's no way I'd ever accept food from those creepy people. They just scream child-molesting serial killer.
  • Dandy Cop will not tolerate your shoe-ruining shenanigans. I hope he shows up in every episode.
  • Why exactly did they call Oswald "Penguin" before his leg got broken?
  • Fish Mooney needs a higher caliber of high school band for her club. Love her earrings, though.
  • "The boy I keep around for exercise," is a great line.
  • Rofl @ Penguin's mom.
  • Little do the homeless kids know that they are about to re-enact Saw.
  • Commercial break!
Illustration for article titled Live Gotham ep. 2 Musings

I have the sneaking suspicion that Grace Point is a toned-down True Detective clone.

  • Why is Mooney suddenly British?
  • Barbara continues to be the worst. Not that I don't think she did right thing. I just really don't like the actress. I kinda hope she dies and Gordon names is future daughter in her memory.
  • Dollmaker?!
  • Why is a pharmacy supply store open so late? Seems like a business-hours establishment to me.
  • And now we have our obligatory backstory for Arkham.
  • Ha! The dopey guy from Spin City is the ineffectual mayor.
  • Bat Metal! http://youtu.be/qatmJtIJAPw
  • Who has phone books of that size anymore? Has Bullock just kept it all these years to beat suspects with?
  • Nice escape, Selina. I refuse to call you Cat. Holy shit! Who has nails like that? Not Selina. Her nails are short as a pianist's.
  • No psychiatrists or therapy for Bruce-chan? Were the Waynes Scientologists? I think a better explanation would be that Bruce goes to therapy but just tells them what they want to hear while secretly studying psychology to throw them off.
  • Ooh, so her name is Selina but she calls herself Cat. I guess that's ok, but I doubt anyone watching this doesn't already know she's Catwoman.
  • And we have our first two-parter.
  • I haven't watched Arrow. Is it as obvious as this show?
  • Sleepy Hollow's on, thank god. I don't think I would keep watching Gotham if it wasn't the lead-in to it.

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