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Gotham Reaction Thread - Season 3, Episode 8 - "Mad City:Blood Rush"

Folks, things are getting serious. We got Barnes struggling to control his demons, Jim returning to work where things WON’T he awkward between him and Lee at all. Oh and of course the Oswald/Ed/NotKringle triangle. Come in and join the insanity for some Got-Ham.

Overall a pretty good episode this week. We get a lot of stuff with Barnes. The blood is really starting to take him over. He’s starting to hear voices,, calling everyone guilty. My “Barnes becomes Bane” theroy kind of took a hit this week. That said, he is not going to come out of this good. He already has blood on his hands after killing the doctor.


Jim has returned to the GCPD and everyone is happy for him to be back. Well he and Lee have a moment but seem ready to work together. Mario isn’t so sure. He still thinks Jim has feelings for Lee because he knew Tetch would shoot the person he said he loved, so he named Vale. He gets a good punch on Jim, which Jim lets him have because of Lee. I guess when you’re girlfriend’s ex is a cop you can assault a police officer without getting arrested.

Lastly we have the increasingly silly love story between Ed, Oswald and Isabella. Vale seems to be the smart one here because she immediately dumped Jim after what happened at the tea party. Isabella on the other hand, is willing to dress as Kringle to get Ed to realize he isn’t a threat to her. Ed is such an asshole, having to get his boss to break up with his girlfriend. Oswald is more than happy to but of course she knows he loves Ed also and she won’t lose. Well, unless Penguin has her break lines cut so she can die in what is the most cartoony sequence in what is pretty much a live action cartoon.

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