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Gotham Reaction Thread - Season 3, Episode 8 - "Mad City:The Executioner"

Another Monday, another Gotham. We got a pretty solid episode this week. We’ve turned the page on the Barnes story, only to head right into Court Of Owls madness. And the Ed/Nygma ship has hit some rough waters. Lets chat about it, but be warned, there are spoilers below.


This was over all a pretty solid episode. I was happy that the Barnes story seems to have come to an end. I was never a fan of him suddenly running with teh idiot ball when he just stood underneath Alice’s body to get hit by what he knew was virus infected blood for no good reason. I get the feeling Chiklas wanted off the show so they came up with this way to let Barnes go away but come back if he wanted to return, sort of like with Strange. Barnes had a Judge Dredd thing going on. I don’t know if he’s supposed to be from the comics or not, I thought he might become Bane and the blood be Venom or some kind of proto-Venom. I liked how he called Jim out on the shit from his past but Jim was able to stand up to him. I think it shows a lof of where Jim Gordan has come as a character and where he is going. That said, it did start to get rather cartoony, what with the over the top speeches and all that effort he put into killing three low level criminals. Still, some solid acting from Michael Chiklas and i’m glad he’s in Arkham, and not dead so he can break out and come back to cause chaos.

The other stories were ok also. We have Selina and Ivy reconnecting. Selina is happy to see her at first, until Ivy tells her all the stuff she’s been doing. Since she became older she’s learned she can use her sexual wiles to get stuff from men. Not actually by having sex of course, they make that very clear. Oh and she can make perfume that fucks with you. How the hell she learned how to do that, I have no idea. I don’t recall little Ivy from the first episode having a My First Evil Plant Based Chemical Making Kit. Her most recent heist gets her in a jam. She stole a necklace from some rando rich dude and it turns out assassins are now after her. After they have to bail on Sleina’s pad, she asks for Bruce’s help. A small subplot is Bruce and Selina’s relationship status, he’s says they’re dating, she says it’s complicated. I say I don’t care. Bruce agrees to pay Ivy 5 grand for the necklace but only if they return it. They go back to the house and the owner is dead, killed by the same kind of arrows that the assassins used agaisnt Selina and Ivy. The necklace breaks, revealing a key. A key to what? We don’t know yet. Bruce agrees to let Selina and Ivy stay at the mansion since Selina’s place isn’t safe. Of course the Court Of Owls find her secfret stash behind a fake brick wall at her pad, which has a newspaper clipping from the Wayne murder.


The last story is Nygma learning about Isabella’s fate from the end of the previous episode. We know she and Oswald were fighting for his heart, but he doesn’t. He gets a call from the police because his was the last number called on her cell and learns of her accident. The police think she fell asleep and he accepts that for the moment. He becomes depressed and mopy and Oswald tells him he needs to move on to heal. He decides to go to the crime scene to say his goodbyes and it’s there we see Riddler come out. When he first said he was going there, I immediately called that he would find the brake fluid that came out of her car or something like that. Oswald either didn’t think about that or seem to care because he didn’t object. Well, we shouldn’t forget Ed was a police forensic tech in Season 1. He talks with a blind homeless man who tells him he heard her screaming for help right before the train hit her car. He also noted her apartment was only four blocks away, hardly enough time to fall asleep at the wheel. He checks and care and BOOM!, finds the snapped break line. He knows that this would only have been cut out of the police report by someone with money and influence. Well here we go, he’s got it figured out. He goes back to the mansion and is ready to confront Penguin with the truth of his betrayal....oh what’s that? He got handed the Idiot Ball and told to run in circles? Yup, that’s what happened. He says Butch was behind it all which has Penguin relieved. Of course questions like, how can Butch organize a thing when he’s in hiding, or how did he even know about Nygma and Isabella are ignored for now. So that’s where things stand with the PenIddler ship

Random Thoughts:

  • Another great performance by Robin Lord Taylor, but Cory Michael Smith had another great week as well. He is really giving strong performances week after week, hitting all the beats and mixing humor with seriosuness perfectly. I’ve grown to love Riddler more this season
  • On the other hand, poor David Mazouz. I’ve tried to be fair with him. He is a child actor and all that. But when he’s on screen, unless he’s being carried by Sean Pertwee’s Alfred, I lose interest. He has zero charisma and seems to only be able to talk in one tone.
  • “I think this office might be cursed” I loved the lighting on the captain’s office as Harvey said that. A really nice moment with Doneal and Ben McKenzie, who both gave good performances as well. “trigger happy killbots.” is another great piece of dialouge from Harvey when he tells Lee that the department thinks Jim killed Sugar in cold blood.
  • Is Barnes someone from the comic? I would be curious to know.

That’s all I got for now folks. Sorry this came in a bit later than I like to but I hope we get some good discussions going. I’ll see you all next Monday when Court is in session and the Owls fly loose.


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