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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Gotham Reaction Thread - Season 3, Episode 9 - "Mad City:Time Bomb"

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It’s Monday which means it’s time for more Gotham. This is the O-Deck Reaction Thread for fans of this insane show to share their thoughts as it airs. As always, spoilers will be below the drop.


This is the first post-Barnes episode and based on the previously on, we’re going to getmore Falcone, and more of the Bruce-Selina relationship.

Honestly It was kind of a blah episode. It appears there is a killer trying to take out Mario, Lee’s finance and Carmine Falcone’s son. It’s assumed to be mob related. But we learn it’s connected to the Court Of Owls, the shadowy group behind the Wayne murders. They also have a weapon that can destroy them locked away that can only be accessed by by that key that the assassins were trying to kill Ivy for. Why they didn’t just destroy the weapon, I have no idea.


Selina and Bruce continue to be an awkard couple. This makes sense since there are still teenagers. But I think it also makes sense for those two characters. I don’t think Batman and Catwoman are supposed to ever have a happily ever after romance.

Nygma has lost his mind and managed to track down Butch and Tabitha. It was kind of sad how easy it was, all he had to do was track where Butch was ordering his favorite food from. He comes up with a plan that is both sinister and silly. He puts Tabitha’s hand in a tiny guillotine and makes her hold a button. Either she presses it and shocks him to death or after 55 seconds she loses her hand. I thought for sure Butch was done but surprisingly she gets her hand chopped off. It’s silly and typical Gotham. Oh and Barb shows up just as it happens but lets Nygma just walk away. He does learn that Butch had no idea how Isabella died. He also gets her name wrong which is still funny.

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