This is O-Deck’s Megathread for discussion on Gotham Season 2, episode 1 “Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do...”. Please post any discussion about the episodes or links to other recaps or reviews in the comments and I will add them to the main post.

Sorry for this being late. I actually just watched the episode last night and I wanted to make sure I had seen it before doing the thread. I thought overall it was a good premiere. A few thoughts...

  • Jerome is SO the Joker. I don’t even want to hear anything about a fakeout or a red herring. The dude is channeling Heath Ledger and Nicholason in his performance but makes it his own as well. I thought the episode had just enough of him to make you want more but it wasn’t to much.
  • The cave was a bit of a letdown. I wasn’t expecting an actual BatCave but something more than just a desk and a letter. But if it had to be a letter, it really hit hard. Will Bruce choose happiness or the truth?
  • You can have an entire episode of Penguin and I would be ok with that. Robin Lord Taylor picks right up where he left of and it’s wonderful to watch. He really is the gem in this shows crown.
  • It was especially nice to see more of the psycho side of Penguin come out. This is the Penguin we will see fighting Batman and it’s nice to see when he is allowed to slip into his psycho persona.
  • That said, why was Selina there? I had to read a recap of the S1 finale and Selina runs away after Penguin kills Fish. They must have looked over the script, saw there wasn’t a Selina scene, and decided to just have her there.
  • Well if they’re going to have Barbara in the show, at least she is doing something.
  • I admire the writers for not doing the “Male character keeps secret from the woman he loves” cliche. They could have easily had Jim keep all his dark secrets from Leslie, but instead he actually communicated with her. And she was supportive of the whole thing. I don’t know how realisticv that was, but since when has realism ever been a part of this show?
  • Nygma is turning into Gollum, or Norman Osbourne from the first Toby Macguire Spider Man movie.
  • The scene with Jim and Bruce was really well done. Ben McKenzie did a good job expressing his sadness and regret for not being able to keep his promise to Bruce. And Bruce was certainly blunt in his response, even if what he said did make some sense. It still shouldn’t have come from the boy who will be come Batman. I just can’t see Bats making that kind of deal or suggesting others do so.
  • Welcome to the Commisioner Essen era. I was glad she was the one given the promotion and not some new character. The writers gave her some more to do at the end of the season and i really like the way Zabryna Guevara played the part.
  • MOAR Bullock. I’m happy he’s happy but this better not be a sign that he’s going to get a lesser role.
  • lastly, I like the new villian, Theo Galava. I know nothing about him from the comics. But he’s quite charasmatic and from what we saw in the begining with the fat dude, he seems to have access to some kind of sorcery.

Ok well that was more than a few thoughts. Tell me what you all thought of the episode in the comments below.

If anyone was wondering what happened with Montoya and Allen, and if they appear in the new season, they were dropped as regulars between season 1 and 2.