Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Spoilers ahead

So yeah. All of that happened.

This show’s Joker has got it nailed.

Barbara went back to feeling pointless.

What police station has a door you can just walk in off the street and start shooting?


I enjoy this version of Lucious Fox.

Really Alfred? Destroy the computer? Really Lucious? The hard drive is probably fine. You’re rehired 10 minutes later Alfred?

Did I mention I like the Joker?

-Panther since I can’t reply (thanks Kinja) what’s wrong with the post?

Edit #2: I would have posted this in the mega thread, but the mega thread didn’t exist when I wrote it. (Got to work started stopped all that fun stuff). Additionally I can’t reply to anyone because thanks Kinja so I would need to start my own post anyhow... lame.


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