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Gotham Season 2 Episode 12 - "Wrath of the Villains:Mr. Freeze" megathread.

After a long hiatus, Gotham has returned. We have aftermath from the Galavan death and new characters appearing on the scene. Let’s do into some spoiler filled recap fun.

Overall, I liked this episode. It was a strong start to the new batch. It tied things up from Galvan’s murder and left things in a state where Jim is not entirely 100% trusted but since they can’t pin anything on him, he gets off….for now. In the meantime a new baddie has appeared on the scene and is making life trouble for Jim and Harvey. Here are a few of my notes and observations in no particular order.

  • I really liked B.D Wong’s Hugo Strange. He played Strange like a man of sophistication, analyzing the situation and looking for meaning. His interactions with Cobblepot were intriguing, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops.
  • I have to confess, so far I am not a fan of Victor Fries. The story follows the one most of us are familiar with, of his wife Nora being sick. But I don’t like his willing ness to use innocents as his test subjects. Freeze in other adaptations was willing to commit crimes to get the funds needed for the research but this Fries is willing to use people off the street as test subjects. It made the character lose a lot of what made him popular, sympathy towards his situation. Even if you knew deep down that stealing was wrong (which I assume most of us do) but at least we could empathize with his reasons. When your starting point is murder you lose that empathy right off the bat. I also thought the CGI effects on the freezing was a bit weak, especially in the scene with the female cop in the gif above.

So this is the Freeze suit that we see in the trailer.


Um, no. Is he Mr. Freeze or auditioning for The Matian? The freeze gun also looks like the love child of the Portal gun and something from Halo.

  • The scene at the end where the guy he froze who had thawed out saw him and was trying to get the cops to realize who he was was really well done and I felt terrible for the poor dude who was just a pawn in Victor’s game.
  • I loved the scene with Tabitha and Butch. He’s pissed at her for what she did to him, while she thinks he owes her for helping make him King Of Gotham. She wants to be partners in crime. He has a certain animal vitality about him that she finds attractive.
  • I love how Butch has a drill bit on his stump that actually moves. I wonder if he’ll be changing that out to something different every week
  • It is telling that even while they are making out he is trying to kill her with his drill bit and she is holding him off with a knife. Is he now controlled by her? Some of her dialogue suggests that perhaps they just swapped out Cobblepot’s conditioning for their own. Selena sees all this happening. The last we see of her she is helping get Bruce out of Galavan’s tower. Is she tailing Tabitha on her own or is she foillowing Bruce’s instructions.
  • The scene in the lunchroom at Arkham was sad. Penguin may be a monster but we’ve spent enough time with the guy to feel for him in his darkest hour.
  • The scene with Cobblepot and Nygma whispering to each other through the bars was a nice one. I liked that Nygma agreed to watch his mother’s grave. I hope this isn’t the last time we see them interact.
  • Nygma didn’t have a lot of screen time but he did have one nice moment where he got really mad at one of Bullock’s off the cuiff remarks and had to be talked down by Jim. The Riddler is coming out but I’m not sure still how much I like the Green Goblin approach.

Oh Doanl Louge, how I’ve missed you in my life.

  • I don’t buy that Barnes is completely sold on Jim’s story. He seems to accept it for now and takes Jim back into the fold. But if new evidence comes out, Jim better watch his back.
  • We get an appearance by Lucius Fox, discussing Wayne Enterprise projects with liquid helium. No mention of the computer that he got working. We also don’t see Bruce or Alfred in this entire episode.
  • I loved Barne’s yelling at the cops to stop cheering when they brought Penguin in. It was one of the few moments of realism in this show, where you can imagine a police captain in real life acting that same way when his people react in such a cliché tropish manner.
  • After seeing what happened to Mr. See No Evil, Hear No Evil who left Strange’s office before Cobblepot went in he may regret his decisiosn to claim insanity.
  • There were some nice little moments like Nygma just casually pouring tea in Strange’s office during their meeting and Strange’s reaction. I also liked Bullock and Gordan argument over the correct pronunciation of Fries, all the way to asking Nora at the end.

Anything I missed? If so let us discuss it in the comments below. Here are a few additional recaps.


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