Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Mr. Freeze is here, free of any ice puns. We also have Strange machinations, Penguin’s mental health, and the future Batman getting a little bit to excited about killing someone. Spoilers ahead!


This was a good solid conclusion to last weeks premiere. It resolved the Mr. Freeze story on a good note but left plenty of doors open. We got to see what was going on with Bruce and Alfred who were absent from last week’s episode. B.D Wong is starting to really gel with the Hugo Strange character, and we’re starting to see the curtain’s pulled back a bit on what he has going on. There were some things I didn’t like though, but we’ll get to those.

  • I thought the effects on the freezing were better this week. The freezing of the bullet as it came out of the gun at the beginning was well done. Just don’t think about how a bullet coming out of a normal gun leaves a trail of freezable water. Now watch as someone explains how that scene is perfectly logical and scientifically accurate.
  • I’m still not a fan of Freeze’s suit. It looks more like an astronaut suit or some kind of anime power armor.
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It’s to light. Mr. Freeze on B:TAS had weight to him, and bulk.

  • This was a pretty light Penguin episode. We got a few scenes with him in the Clockwork Orange chair where he promised vengeance on the nurse was nice before the ...whatever that was began. Then aferwards when we weren’t sure if it was a dream or not was good. I also liked when they were playing Duck Duck Goose and he said he wasn’t a goose he was a penguin.
  • There was a nice scene outside of the asylum where Penguin tries to convince Jim they are mentally torturing him, Jim calls it therapy. He screams that he didn’t kill Galavan and was covering for Jim. Strange sees this on CCTV. I’m certain that this is the last time this moment will ever be seen so no need to think about it anymore.
  • Ace Chemicals makes an appearance at the beginning, continuing to be the go to company for criminals looking for a place to kill, steal or hide out. Also #1 for turning low ranking thugs into iconic villains.
  • I am LOVING B.D Wong’s Hugo Strange. He is nailing this performance, bringing in a mix of humor, class and menace all at once. He seems to be having fun also and that can show on screen.
  • I also liked Nora. It was a good change to give her more agency, to not just be a damsel. It gave Victor an emotional center, and made you understand him more. Which is good because I still feel this Freeze isn’t as sympathetic as the one in TAS which is my main exposure to the character. If anyone who knows more about the comic’s Freeze, feel free to give your thoughts in the comments. But having Nora be unfrozen and make the choice to deice her own fate was a nice twist.
  • I did like the Shakespearan quality of the final scene of Victor and Nora together. It made it all the worse knowing that we would be seeing Fries become Freeze so the pathos was lost. Speaking of Fries’s transformation....

I’m sorry, but no..

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he looks like love child of David Tennant and Doc Brown if said child were Fremen..

  • Let us talk Bruce and Alfred. I love when shows have major plot developments off camera. I’m sure none of us would have loved to seen them travel the world and learn who killed his parents. I guess Silver loved Bruce so much that she spilled the beans. Not sure when that happened. We never see that when they are in the cell together, when she is trying to seduce him again. I suppose it could have happened off camera, but then why would Bruce have reacted so upset when the files were burned. She never talks to him again after hte ceremony starts, she and Tabitha bail out in the parachutes. Anyway, somehow she tells him and they leave Gotham and go to France, in search of an M. Malone. We’ve gone from Mario Pepper to M Malone. Still nowhere near Joe Chill guys. Alfred shows him a file of a Patrick “Matches” Malone who was free at the time of the murder and matches the known description. Bruce believes that to be the guy.
  • Bruce really has a hard on for murder in this episode. I think this is where we will see the Batman “No guns” rule take affect. I love how willing Alfred is to kill the guy for him. He doesn’t want Bruce to have that on his soul, but he’s like “Fuck it, what’s one more death?”
  • So here are the notes I took during the Lee and Bruce scene.

Bruce says he’s fine and not scared, he felt alive, intensely alive. Hr asks lee if he’s abnormal she says

he’s unusual if he’s being honest. He says he’s always honest, lee says that’s good but hard. He feels

fine now, invigorated. A second chance at life. What will you do with them? Same thing, find his parents

killer. Lee says he needs closure, and Bruce agrees. Lee says he’s a school boy not a homicide detective.

Bruce says he can be both. What will he do once he finds them,. Let the law take over. Lee says he’s not

being honest. He says that’s the other bruce. He found the convo clarifying and thanks Lee


They may as well just have a neon sign over his head that says “I will run around in a costume at some point in my life”.

  • Poor Lee. The scenes with Nora really did a toll on her. One thing I didn’t like about Nora was the blame she took for Victor, how she was blind to his actions out of love.
  • So let’s talk about this plan. At Ace, after killing the cops Freeze leaves a note in ice demanding they free his wife. She is still sick and they can’t risk the patients at Gotham General. So they decide to move her to the infirmary, which was supposed to be a full ER but sure didn’t look like one, at Arkham. Lee demands to come because she is Nora’s doctor.
  • I do like how at the end when they are fighting, Jim is all like “That was Barnes’s idea.” about waiting for Victor at Arkham.

  • Nora ends up killing herself by switching canisters from the working cryo formula to a failed batch without telling Victor. When he learned what she did I thought for sure he was going to blame Lee for it.
  • So back to plans. Victor’s was for Nora to become a ward of the state while he’s in prison because she’ll technically be alive...i guess. I thought the whole point of this was to keep in stasis while he worked on the cure to her disease. I doubt the state will be doing that.
  • So that is how she got talking to Nora a bunch and hwy she starts thinking of Jim and Galavan and how he’s lying and this show is becoming Days Of Our Batman.
  • Of course Barbara would be in the same infirmary that Nora and Lee were in. “You have no idea what you’re missing…bitch”. I love Lee with her claws out.
  • Bruce can now detect when Selena comes in. So that’s a start. He wants her to help him get a gun after he shows her the file. She doesn’t buy him doing it, she reminds me he couldn’t even push Reggie out the window.
  • Earlier Victor gave a vial of the cryo formula to Strange in exchange for a car. Now Strange has it and vials of people. What plans does he have for them? He also has Victor, possibly Fish Mooney and Jerome as well. What dark things are occurring in Indian Hills?

There is more but I need to end this somewhere. I think I hit most of the major plot points. I will be in the comments to chat with you all as always so leave your thoughts.

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