Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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This week sees the return of Fish Mooney, a long awaited sit down between Bruce and Strange and B.D Wong continuing to have verbal sex with the English language. In this lab we bring spoilers back to life, so watch your step!


I got a Dr. appointment this afternoon so I don’t have time for a longform recap like last week. Here are my random thoughts and observations about this week’s episode, along with the usual smattering of additional recaps.

  • While it was nice to see Fish back, she really didn’t do a lot. I am curious to know what this power is she seems to have that can make others do her will.
  • Oh, what a shame Penguin is no longer in the asylum. I am really looking for ward to that reunion,
  • How many more things can I say about how awesome B.D Wong is? I swear they aren’t even directing him anymore, he’s just taking the script and french kissing it. It’s truly cheesey and amazing and wonderful all at the same time. If they ever kill off Strange I will stop watching.
  • I loved the scene of his and Bruce talking. For moments it felt like he was genuinely trying to get Bruce to change his mind and not pursue this further. I think his relationship with Thomas affected him more than he will realize.
  • I don’t know anything about the Court Of Owls but I guess they’re involved now. I liked how Strange completely changed his attitude once the boss lady was on the horn.
  • It sure was nice of the Arkham staff to keep Fish’s makeup fresh while she was in her bacta tank suspension tube
  • Did she always have two different eye colors?
  • I wish we had heard her ask about Falcone and Penguin and everything from Season 1. It would have been a nice callback. I wonder if she remembers anything else other than her name.
  • I love how Alfred has gone from slapping the fuck out of Selina to suddenly giving a shit about her well being and pissed at Bruce for getting her involved. That was a pro wrestling style on a dime character change. Now i expect Alfred to take on Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam (Please book that Vince!)
  • Can we keep Bullock as Captain? He was funny in this episode and I like seeing him in charge, it’s a change from the usual corrupt slob we see in the comics and animated Batman series.
  • Did anyone think we might see Strange offer to bring back Thomas and Martha Wayne? It felt like it was gong there when Strange was asking Bruce if he would give anything to see them again.
  • It was nice to see Fox back in the mix, he had a good plan to find the lab.
  • I’m also glad we’re starting to see more of the monstorious side of the Riddler.
  • Did we see the first appearance of Clayface?

If I missed anything big let us discuss it in the comments.


This week, the penultimate episode of Season 2 of Gotham promises the return of Fish Mooney. And another nefarious group—with plans for Gotham City—make their debut.

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